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Hi! My name is Grover Wehman-Brown and I am the creator of Masculine Birth Ritual podcast. I live in the Oakland, CA area and I wear many hats (Not this hat pictured though- I decided to let it go for fear that some weary soul might take it for a M A G A hat). 


I'm a freelance communications strategist and writer, a Baba to two kids, and a liberation seeker. I am a transmasculine butch who grew a baby inside my body.


I had a rough pregnancy, a gnarly birth, almost died, then had a transphobic nurse while in the ICU. I have emerged from this blizzard of unpleasantry very clear about two things:


1. I come from a legacy of queer and transgender people who leave roadmaps of how to survive for the next generation and


2. My body holds an inherent dignity, and that dignity is entitled to see myself reflected in the world around me, to be part of the cultural archive of existence.


This podcast is an answer to that clarity, that call to make space for wider representations of transmasculine and gender-non-conforming pregnant, birthing, and parenting people and the skills and support we need to survive. 


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