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E 13 | I Would Like It If You Would Listen: an interview with birthparent Charlie King Miller

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

In E13 I talk with Charlie King-Miller about Charlie's experience giving birth in a hospital setting, trying to get listed as "father" on his baby's birth certificate in Colorado, and how he navigated care when he felt that providers weren't listening. 

Charlie is a birth parent to (now) two children. He has written about his path to parenthood and interviewed Cyn Lubow, the filmaker of A Womb of Their Own at Mutha Magazine.

image: Charlie chestfeeding. Image from Mutha Magazine.

Charlie King-Miller Contemplates Pregnancy As A Future Butch Dad

is an article Charlie wrote about his path to pregnancy in 2016 at Mutha Magazine. You can read it here.

Music for this episode:

“Detroit” by Great White Buffalo “Part-Time Lover” by the Undynamic Pop Experiment

This podcast was produced and recorded on the lands of the Ohlone people.

Transcription for this episode will be available soon.

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