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  • Grover Wehman-Brown

E 16 | Welcoming Whatever Being Came: an interview with Jacoby Ballard

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Our final episode is an interview with new Papa, yoga and Buddhism teacher Jacoby Ballard. We talk about the Germination Proclamation he and their partner put out to friends and family, gender and parenting, and preparing to welcome whatever being emerged during birth.

"I really learned from putting out our Germination Proclamation that really it was like an instruction manual for our families and communities for how to love us in this moment. That was really helpful to everyone from uncles to comrades to see. I think that would be helpful for any parent despite your gender or sexual orientation/identity. It was putting forth a manifesto of how we wanted to be in the germination period and how we wanted to be parents and how we want to ask our communities to rally around us. Since then, people really have shown up in the ways we asked them to. I think even if we hadn't given them clear directions even our most beloved and closest friends might have had some missteps." Jacoby Ballard

Find Jacoby's Work:

Music for this episode: “Detroit” by Great White Buffalo “Part-Time Lover” by the Undynamic Pop Experiment This podcast was produced and recorded on the lands of the Ohlone people.

Transcription for this episode will be available soon.

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