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E6 | A Super Fierce Stance: an interview with midwife Sara Flores-Boudreaux

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Today we are talking with Sara Flores-Boudreaux. She is a Mestiza Mujer Midwife that has been providing health, wellness, and birth care to Masculine of Center Queer, Trans, non-binary, and Two Spirit people, primarily Black, Brown, and Indigenous people, for decades. Sara is a parent and also one of the Principal Authors of the Brown Bois Health Guide, Freeing Ourselves, a Guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Bois, which was released in 2011. She runs her own midwife practice, RECLAIM Midwifery, which is currently in hibernation while she works in a hospital setting and shares her knowledge through education.

This is part one of a two-part conversation with Sara.



Grover's Article: Bearing Life With and Alongside: On Masculinity, Pregnancy, and Medical Trauma. Grover Wehman-Brown. Autostraddle.

Freeing Ourselves: A Guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Bois. Editors: B. Cole, Luna Han.

Principal Authors: Sara Flores, Erica Woodland, B. Cole, Jacoby Ballard, Rachel Esquilin, Patricia Manuel.

The book can be found in some public libraries. For example:

If you need to find a copy and it's not available in your public library or LGBTQ- affirming used bookstore, ask your queer and trans social networks if anyone has a copy they'd lend or sell you! If you don't have those networks and are a Black or Brown Transmasculine person and need access to this book, message me through this site and I'll work my networks.


Artwork Discussed in Episode

Art by Corinna Nicole

Art by Takeya Trayer

Art by Corinna Nicole

Art by Elijah Odett

Art by Corinna Nicole

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