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  • Grover Wehman-Brown

E12 | We Give It So Much Cultural Power: on the Natural History of Sexuality in Early America

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

In E12 I talk with Greta LaFleur. Greta is an Associate Professor of American Studies at Yale University. They're the author of a book called The Natural History of Sexuality in Early America. In this conversation, she and I talk about western medical ideas about gender and approaches to birth in this period, the ways that genderqueer and Masculine of Center people are found (or not found) in the colonial archives, how legacies of white supremacy and violence are historically tied to white genderqueer AFAB masculinities, and the way sex and gender were understood in the 18th century colonial U.S.

As a content note: In this conversation, we talk about miscarriage, ableist, and white supremecist ways that early American colonizers thought and acted during this period. If you're part of one of the groups most impacted by racism, ableism, or have experienced a miscarriage I celebrate you caring for yourself however you need to— by planning for self-care, reaching out to a friend for emotional de-brief, or skipping this episode.

Music for this episode: “Detroit” by Great White Buffalo “Part-Time Lover” by the Undynamic Pop Experiment This podcast was produced and recorded on the lands of the Ohlone people.

Transcription for this episode will be available soon.

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