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  • Grover Wehman-Brown

E4 | People Didn't Know What to Do With Me

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

the impact of invisibility on a transmasculine parent

In this interview, we talk with Ryan, a transmasculine birth parent, about how he felt during pregnancy and after birth. We talk about how a lack of transmasculine competency in most birth and post-birth services impacted his medical options and post-birth care, as well as how he felt not-seen, welcome, or fully supported within the community as a birth parent. He bravely shares with us the challenges of what happens when gender dysphoria intersects with pregnancy and birth. This conversation goes deep into some of the hard parts of birthing outside the lines.  

Listen Now:

Music for this episode:

“Detroit” by Great White Buffalo

“Part-Time Lover” by the Undynamic Pop Experiment

This podcast was produced and recorded on occupied Ohlone Territory.

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