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  • Grover Wehman-Brown

E8 | He Was With These Wonderful Queers: An interview with J Carroll on nonbinary single parenting

In Episode 8 we talk with J Carroll about their experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. J is a transmasculine, nonbinary, queer single parent by choice. In this episode, J and I talk about embodiment, how they were supported by their queer community and their family of origin after birth, and how gender influences parenting culture when you're nonbinary.


Books, Blogs, and Articles mentioned in this episode:

Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Fatherhood Edited by Jeremy Adam Smith and Tomas Moniz. PM Press. 2011

Michelle Tea's blog that became Mutha Magazine:

Pregnant Butch:

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Music for this episode:

“Detroit” by Great White Buffalo

“Part-Time Lover” by the Undynamic Pop Experiment

This podcast was produced and recorded on Ohlone Land.

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